Bring Your Own Container



Reusable Container Program #weighscoopsave
Speak to a Bulk Nation Team Member in store for more details

Zero Waste Shopping is Now Available at all Bulk Nation Locations


  • 1. Bring Clean containers and bags from home
  • 2. A Bulk Nation cashier will inspect and once deemed acceptable, will tare the container
  • 3. Use our tongs and scoops to fill your clean container with fresh quality bulk foods from throughout the store
  • 4. Once your shopping experience is complete, a Bulk Nation cashier will deduct the weight of the container, and ensure you are checked out and charged only for the weight of the product.
  • 5. Feel great about the reduced carbon footprint you have assisted

Bulk Nation Container Standards

    Prior to every visit, reusable containers must be qualified by a Bulk Nation cashier, even if that container had been used in a Bulk Nation location previously.

Standards include but are not limited to:

  • The container or mesh bag being used must be designed for food products or purposes of housing food products
  • The container of mesh bag being used must have a sealable lid or string to properly contain the product inside
  • The reusable container being used must not have any cracks, chips, stains, or product remnants from prior use
  • Paper bags and plastic bags or those alike will not qualify for use
  • Bulk Nation reserves the right at the store level to reject any reusable container or mesh bag that does not meet our Critical Standards Guide.