About Us

The Inspiration

Inspired by the concept of bulk shopping and leaving the quantity purchased to the autonomy of the customer, Bulk Nation opened its first store in Sarasota, Florida in 2013.

Bulk Nation was convinced that Americans were ready for a specialty bulk food grocer that offered an extensive selection of fresh quality products at great value.


Today, the bulk food sector is very limited, but a growing segment, as to why Bulk Nation is at the forefront of a popular and growing trend. Our product selection is extremely extensive, while we pride ourselves on the freshness and integrity of our products. Buying in bulk and not paying for the packaging has allowed us to pass that savings on to the customer, thus providing a valuable selling proposition.

Bulk Nation is a growing American retailer with sites on national expansion as they enjoy a high level of recognition and loyalty among current patrons. The concept is naturally located in high-traffic locations most notably power centers among other of the nation’s largest retailers.

Our presence remains in the Florida market currently, with open expansion available in markets throughout the United States.

Our Products For Success

The Bulk Nation concept is simple by design, yet sets forth a very in-depth selection of products ranging from nuts & seeds, spices, pasta/beans/rice, baking products, dried fruit, snacks, and candy. Bulk Nation carries both conventional and organic products to ensure customer demand is being met.

Bulk Nation is on the cutting edge of consumer demand and evolving food trends and constantly sourcing offerings to remain unique in the market.

Contact Us

In the event that you have any questions, you may contact Bulk Nation as follows:

Corporate Office
10243 Windhorst Road
Tampa, Florida

Toll Free: 1-844-535-BULK (2855)
Phone: 813-374-2018
Fax: 813-374-2024
General Inquires:
Franchising Inquires:

Bulk Nation USA
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