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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions regarding Bulk Nation when looking to become a franchise operator. If you have additional questions to those below, please contact us.

Do I need retail experience?

While retail experience may be beneficial, Bulk Nation is seeking individuals with a high drive for success and a great work ethic. Bulk Nation’s operations manuals and continual training will assist in the success of your location(s).

What is the cost to open a turn-key Bulk Nation?

The projected cost ranges from $299,500 to $437,500. This range depends on size of location and the condition of the unit that Bulk Nation would be taking over.

What is the site selection process?

Our site selection criteria are specific to the formula of our success. If you believe you have a site that may work, we will review it to see if it matches our criteria and requirements regarding square footage of overall center, co-tenants we like to see, square footage and dimensions of the specific unit, etc. We have a real estate team with several years of retail leasing experience that will manage the site selection process given their contacts and knowledge for real estate that we are looking for.

What are the franchise fees and what do they include?

The initial franchise fee is $35,000. There is an on-going royalty of 5% and a 2.5% advertising fund. The franchise fee includes the use of the Bulk Nation trademark, store design and layout, pre-negotiated supplier pricing, operations and marketing manuals, and continual support and training.

What is the training process?

Bulk Nation proves a 3 week training program for yourself and your manager which includes both in-store training as well as back office training (performed at our corporate office). You will be taught and tooled with all necessary knowledge and materials needed to run a Bulk Nation location. We will provide copies of our operations and marketing manuals.

Training will include:

  • Back office management
  • Front of house management
  • Product safety and policy
  • Customer service
  • Point of sale software
  • Financial management
  • Marketing and advertising

Who is responsible for the design and build out of my location?

Bulk Nation has a design and construction package that is ever evolving to keep up with new practices and better efficiencies. Our in-house team oversees the design and construction to ensure guidelines are met and the location is built in a timely and precise manner.

Our Franchise World

The overriding benefit of becoming a franchise operator is the support and resources found in buying a tried-and-true time-tested concept. It’s a lot like having your own team of consultants guiding you through each step of establishing a business and eliminating some of the obstacles that often challenge independent business operators.

Our operating system is solid, defined and has continuously evolved since 2012. In following our operating system, franchisees maintain the high standards that guarantee product quality, customer service and operational excellence to meet or exceed customer expectations at every location. This is the foundation of ever successful franchise chain.

Prior to be approved for a franchise, all prospective operators must be interviewed and complete our comprehensive training program, demonstrate a minimum level of financial net worth and pay a one-time franchise fee before moving on to the next step.

Steps to Becoming a Franchisee

Step 1: Location, location, location

Without the right location, even a successful concept and a solid franchise operator will not meet their potential. Whether it’s a strip plaza or a power center, we evaluate each and every potential site. We analyze relevant information including customer demographics, surrounding retail tenant and competition mix to accurately measure the locations’ true potential for long-term success. Our management’s combined instincts refined over many years also contribute to making the final decision on whether to commit to a location. Of course, the long-term success of any business is ultimately dependent on a number of ever-changing variables including the economy, local market growth, market demographics, etc.

Step 2: Designing and Building your Dream

The right store design ensures ease of operation and delivers a visually appealing storefront that will drive consumer demand. Our Design and Construction Department works with designers to build our winning concepts. Our power center locations require anywhere from 4000-5000 sqft. Design and Construction coordinates every step of this process. The store designer produces the initial store drawings and we then negotiate with contractors for best quality and value. Every phase of construction is closely monitored including fixturing and equipment. The final step is to coordinate all third party services such as telephone, locks and sound system.

Step 3: Trained for Success

One of the keys of any successful retail/grocery business is solid day-to-day store operations and accounting practices that track the results of your daily efforts. Our operations team educates, trains and motivates all new operators on both theoretical business practices and the practical knowledge they’ll need to effectively operate their franchise during our extensive training program. We review all areas – filling product and merchandising, hiring and managing staff, local store marketing, accounting procedures including inventory and food control costs and , most importantly, offering customers an experience that will bring them back time and time again. All locations follow the same practices and procedures to ensure the customer experience is the same at every location.

At the successful conclusion of the training program, our operations team transitions with you to your store to provide on site support during the first opening days to ensure your comfort and skill levels are solid. At Bulk Nation training and systems development are a continuum and we regularly offer advanced learning and skill development by way of seminars and meetings.

Step 4: Ensuring You’re There For The Long-term

Each franchisee has a designated Franchise Field Representative (FFR) who provides ongoing support and partners with each Franchisee to develop long-term business strategies. They also share a wealth of knowledge gathered through their experiences with others already established in our system.

Store business reviews are performed regularly to monitor product quality, customer service levels, store front presentation, appearance and cleanliness. Mystery shoppers provide an objective, third party reality check and help our operators stay ahead of the competition.

Step 5: Trademark use & Building the Brand

The Bulk Nation corporate trademarks are of significant value in the identification and conduct of its business. Our franchise operators are granted the non-exclusive right to use a specific trademark and have no right, title or interest in the trademark other than the right to use the trademark in the manner set forth under the conditions of the Unit Franchise Agreement.

Our marketing department’s primary mandate is to drive chain-wide sales and build and strengthen our brand. Emphasis is placed on in-store promotions that have the highest impact at the store level to motivate and drive customers to the store.

Prior to opening, our marketing team will review the National Co-Op Advertising Fund, as well as your local start-up marketing opportunities and any appropriate Grand Opening activities. A number of marketing tools are available to you through the Ad Fund including coupons, posters, flyers, and other in-store promotional materials.

Finally ...

The Bulk Nation management team constantly reviews its operational procedures and marketing effectiveness in light of the changing needs of its various markets and customers, as well as the constantly evolving competitive environment.

Your Commitment

It’s a fact that those operating a franchise have a much greater chance of long-term business success than those starting up an independent operation. But the “sweat equity” investment is no different. There is no substitute for a strong work ethic, an enjoyment of serving the public in a “people” focused business and being 100% dedicated to your business success. These are the basic requirements and attitudes we ask each new franchisee to bring to the table.

Of course, your commitment means you are willing and able to comply with all Bulk Nation standards and procedures:


Maintain our high standards of quality, service and cleanliness.


Participate in all national marketing and promotional programs.


Maintain an active interest in building your business through local store marketing initiatives.


Operate your business in a hands-on manner and take responsibility for all sales revenue, expenses and general operating procedures.


Maintain an adequate inventory from approved suppliers.


Protect brand equity.


Maintain your store equipment and fixtures in good order.

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Available Markets

Bulk Nation’s focus of expansion has been the Eastern United States, but will consider other markets nationwide.

Current Markets Under Development Include:


Bulk Nation USA
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